4" Ornament, The Wizard of Oz, Custom Ornament

This Wizard of Oz inspired "It's not where you go... it's who you meet along the way!" custom Holiday ornament is made of 4 layers of 1/8" Birch and is hand finished with paints, stains, and Spar Urethane to protect the pieces. 

There are two sizes available: 7.15"H x 6"W and 4"H x 3.35"W.

**The "No Engraving" option means it comes engraved with "It's not where you go, it's who you meet along the way" on the top and either "Christmas 2022" or "2022" engraved on the bottom. You must choose which option you want engraved on the bottom frame when ordering.**

To change the "Christmas 2022" or "2022" engraved text on the frame to something else, please purchase the custom engraved option.

Please keep in mind that your finished piece may vary slightly from what is pictured here, as these are handmade and no two items will be identical - colors and such may be slightly lighter or darker.

If you are purchasing the custom engraving option, please include a short message to be engraved on the back. **Please note that I will send you an engraving proof that you MUST reply to and approve within 24 hours before I can begin making your order.*

The lumber is of the finest quality. Inconsistencies in the wood (knots and such) are not considered anything more than added character to the finished piece. Every piece will be unique as wood has unique coloring and grain patterns. (Please keep in mind that your finished piece may vary slightly from what is pictured here and colors may be slightly lighter or darker).

Orders will be created within 3-5 business days of ordering (may be longer depending on how busy the shop is. For any questions, please check with me).

Please contact me prior to ordering for any personalization or special design requests. I will do my best to work with you. 😎

Custom Engraving
Bottom Frame Engraving